Calisthenics Strength & Mobility Training


I teach physical training centered around Calisthenics Strength and Mobility both ONLINE and in-person in Gothenburg, Sweden. Practising Calisthenics means using ones own bodyweight for postures and movements that will increase Strength and Mobility.

After an assessment looking at how the body moves I create an individual training program. It is common for the student to move through three phases. Individual differences may mean the person skip or run some of these elements along side each other:

1) Fundamental – The work is focused around learning how to move well. Body awareness, Breathing and work to improve Posture in relation to gravity are the main areas in this phase.

2) Basics – When the person has gotten a certain level of understanding of the fundamental areas of physical training they can move on to the basics of Calisthenics Strength and Mobility. For some people this will be worked upon along side the Fundamental phase. Some students will at this time start free weights training as well.

3) Developmental – When a person has attained an appropriate level of the building blocks in the fundamental and basics phase they will have the resources to move on to complex Calisthenics and free weight training.

Connect with me via email: fanny@mobilitytraining.com.au to get more information on how you can sign up for Online training or train with me in-person in Gothenburg.

False beliefs will hinder your growth

False beliefs will hinder your growth

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