Training in a group

Training together with other humans on a similar path to you works exceptionally well for improving the way you move!

Partner Stretching

Fanny teaches Partner Stretching classes in Newtown on Saturdays. The stretching is great for improving awareness of ones structures and where one have restrictions.

Mobility Training

Mobility training aims to improve the body’s way of organising itself in regards to stability, flexibility and strength.


Fanny teaches Handstands from a handbalancing approach- Different to the gymnastics method.

About Mobility Training

Mobility Training is about acquiring strength and resilience to be physically active in situations that matter to you in your life. Things like playing soccer, chasing your kids around the yard or sitting comfortably at a desk for several hours at a job you love are all physically demanding, in one way or another.

When you move your body in ways, in situations and with intentions that are novel, you cultivate its physical intelligence. Physical intelligence is you observing, tinkering and teaching the body about awareness, coordination, rhythm, stabilisation, flexibility, strength and more. The qualities acquired will seep into your everyday life and will affect your physical, mental and emotional being in a positive way.

Basic every day movements, bush walking and performing safely at a sport will become greatly enjoyable as you move more efficiently. Mobility training is for the young, old and anyone in between. It is for them with an open mind and willingness to learn how to use their body well.

The Strength and Mobility training I teach involves taking the time to educate students to understand the process of the training and how it can be integrated into their life to make it a sustainable practice. Without understanding the process and how it can support other things in life, the practice becomes meaningless. Not much good comes out of replicating what someone instructs you to do if you don’t understand how it is done. When you know how- forget about it and  just do it. Once  movements are understood you can fully ’embody’ them; change will occur! 

Strength and Mobility training can be done in a 1-1 setting if a specific situation requires so. Though, it seems that classes have a particularly interesting effect on most students. Physical training in a group environment teaches you how to interact with other humans and the world around you. This is one exceptional benefit of the Strength and Mobility method – It creates skills that are useful for you at any situation, time and place.


Current classes on schedule: 

Saturday 7-9am Partner Stretching

DUTI studio on 82-84 Enmore rd Newtown


Contact me to sign up for a class or request to start up a new group class: fanny@mobilitytraining.com.au


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