You might find this text “spiritual” but I’d like to make it clear that my teachings are Physical, only. To better appreciate how ‘things’ have evolved, allow me to introduce Fanny; I have worked in commercial gyms since 2010 as a “Personal Trainer”. When I put my 75L hiking bag on my back on the 13th of August 2013 and jumped on a flight in Copenhagen to Cairns, Australia I never came back to live, in Scandinavia. During my travels I met my husband Luke and now I live down under, far away from where I was born. As I booked my flight to this land on the other side of this earth I was open for ‘things’ to happen- I had for a long time felt that I was born to speak and teach in English and be somewhere warm, hence Sydney is where I’ve settled. I was offered many jobs and opportunities that were very much in-line with my current dreams; in America, Sweden, Norway and in different places in Australia, but I kept declining the offers. It didn’t feel right. When Luke came into my life I was surprised by how his presence affected me to the point of me declining an offer that at the time was my ultimate dream job, to go back to be with him in Sydney. But, it ‘felt’ right. Listening to my intuition throughout my life has lead me to the place I’m at today; Working with something I call in two words- Mobility Training. The Mobility Training-logo was in the making for over 6 months and now it is here, in full form and meaning. Many Thanks to Zeinab and Faezeh for their expertise, patience and support in this process. I work with the Physical body of the human. I guide my students to feel, listen and learn what their body is doing and where it can go. This body awareness-skill is essential and will inevitably lead to changes in the intellectual and emotional body, this is cool- but again; not something we strive for at Mobility Training, it just happens.
The [Mobility Training] – [Logo] The human body where all things start – You have a physical body. This body will adapt to everything you do, and will over time renew itself according to the demands that you have placed on it. The Physical journey starts with your body and ends with your body. Physical work needs to take place for desired structural changes to happen. The two equal lines as the foundation – The two equal lines underneath the triangle symbolises ‘duality’. Duality is opposites. You need to have a certain degree of body awareness to feel when your body is soft or tensed, cold or warm, strong or weak, tired or alert, all the opposites. This is where work on oneself starts- with the awareness to feel your body, on a deeper level- more efficiently. The Triangle is Mobility – You have a body and you’re now aware of it; you can feel what your body is doing, and you can work with it. Your capacity to build ‘Mobility’ can now proceed. Mobility includes Stability, Flexibility and Strength work. A certain level of each is required to maintain a safe environment for the body to make progress towards better Mobility and later; Moving Gracefully. Stability is ones’ ability to maintain or control a certain position or posture, e.g. balancing on one leg. Flexibility is ones’ ability to express range of motion in a joint, e.g. bending forward to reach the toes. Strength is ones’ ability to withstand or exert great force, stress or pressure, e.g. pulling oneself up to a bar. Work on these three areas will expand ones’ ability to move gracefully which means to move efficiently by using little energy to perform the movement. That is what Mobility Training centres around, that is what the Triangle symbolises. Mobility Training is work on ones’ Physical body to enhance its capacities. [FT]