Poor breathing patterns affect the way we function both physiologically and biomechanically. I teach from both these aspects: 

1) With specific breathing techniques we can improve the way our body moves. Looking at the ribcage we can see that improving its function to expand and contract affect other joints in the body. This will have a flow on effect on the way we move.

2) On the physiological side of things I teach a breathing exercise called the Fundamental Breath for bringing calm to the body.

The modern world with its fast pace and constant stimulus often leaves us humans feeling stressed. This stress can be manifested in physical, mental and emotional ways. Breathing is one physical function that is often compromised during times of stress and overwhelm. Having difficulty concentrating and feeling anxious are things many of us experience as a result of simply having too much on our plate. The fundamental breath can work as the interface between us and our thoughts and emotions, giving us the time and space to pause before we proceed. 

This breathing practice can be done in the moment as well as daily for making changes long term. Because this practice has attention on breathing deeply and relaxed we will do well to use it in our recovery routine. 

I teach breathing online and in-person in Gothenburg at studio Eminent.


Send me an email to book in: fanny@mobilitytraining.com.au

I have created a couple of pieces of free content on the topic of Breathing:

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