Breathing in stretching

We use different types of breathing techniques to relax the body and work through intense sensations.

Breathing as a daily practice

Practising breathing everyday is important. Try staying conscious as you do your 5 minutes a day-practice. 

Breathing in physical training

Integrating breathing into our lives that we consciously do for calming the body is important. Ones we can do that we can also harmonize our physical practice. For example we can sue breathing when we train skills like Handstands to find flow. 

The Fundamental Breath

 The Fundamental Breath is a breathing exercise used for bringing peace and calm to the body.

The modern world with its fast pace and constant stimulus often makes us humans feel stressed. Stress is manifested in physical, mental and emotional ways. Breathing is one physical function that is compromised during times of stress and overwhelm. Having difficulty concentrating and feeling anxious are other things many of us experience as a result of simply having too much on our plate.

We use the fundamental breath as the interface between us and our thoughts and emotions. This can be in any one moment. The fundamental breath is a practice with attention on conscious deep diaphragmatic breaths.

Fanny, founder of Mobility Training is currently finalising a 6-week Online course on the Fundamental breath. It is estimated to be done for start in mid-January 2020.

Fanny wrote a long article on the subject. It is one of these articles you want to set time aside to fully appreciate. Perhaps with a ‘cuppa‘. The article has a section with guidance on how to get started with your own breathing practice.

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