Strength & Mobility


The Strength & Mobility training I teach has its root in Calisthenics, bodyweight training. It is different to Gymnastics because I do not teach training based on set skills like tumbling, manna, planche etc. There are certain elements that are similar but instead of having focus on achieving a set number of skills I guide the person to first generally improve their human physical function. Secondly we work on specific skills and movements the student has an interest for.

With that in mind, my teaching stems from the idea of developing Strength and Mobility needed to feel versatile and resilient in activites important to the person. These activities may be playing paddle with friends on a Thursday night, participate in a Handstand class twice a week or playing with the kids daily after work.

The Strength & Mobility training I teach is my own unique mix of lessons I’ve learnt over the years at University, from my Dad and other Wrestling coaches, Charles Poliquin and his many co instructors, Emmet Louis and Mikael Kristiansen at Handstandfactory, Ido Portal, Gary Ward and Chris Sritharan at Anatomy in Motion, Kit Laughlin and Olivia Allnutt at Stretch Therapy, Dave Wardman at Physical Alchemy and Mushtaq Ali Al Ansari and Noor Kyle Finnerty at the Nine Sided Cirle. These are some of the bigger influences I’ve had but there’s many more..

For a program to fulfill the above aims I often* include bodyweight exercises as well as some free weights [especially for providing an adequate stimulus for leg training].

*The program structure and content varies for each of my students because one person is never the same as another.

The Mobility training I teach encompasses:

1. [Partner] Stretching done solo or with a partner to improve body awareness, flexibility and expand on the person’s body map. Body mapping for me means; learning to feel more of one’s body, where it has restrictions and then start exploring or ‘mapping’ it out. This section is influenced by Stretch Therapy and Physical Alchemy together with my own exploration.

2. Different kinds of Mobility exercises that teaches the body to pull in to and push out of deep position, some of which are influenced by the work of Emmet Louis. Improving flexibility without having adequate strength in that range will only give temporary gains. Therefore it is important to look at what kind of range of motion the person need for their goals and to work towards strengthening the full range of motion required.

I teach Calisthenics strength & Mobility online and in-person in Gothenburg at studio Eminent.

If you’re interested in coaching reach out via email: fanny@mobilitytraining.com.au


For the past few years, Fanny has been my personal fitness trainer, coaching me 3-5 times a week. With a focus on strength and flexibility, working with Fanny has been exceptionally fun, focused and effective. As a busy business owner it is great to hand the reins over to someone else for a change and know I’m in absolute expert hands. With Fanny’s help, I’ve been kicking many training goals. But her knowledge goes way past your standard PT-level: constantly educating herself, her support, communications with health professional and tailored programs have been invaluable when I was recovering from a traffic accident. Fanny gets that fitness is as much, if not more, about brain than brawn.
Daniela Cavalletti

Founder of Cavalletti Communications

I’ve been training with Fanny for three months doing semi-private session and now I’ve continued with Online Training. Having trained for five years with 4 other trainers I have been amazed by how dramatically I’ve noticed results. The mix of strength and mobility is really helping my body become more functional.
Michael Plibersek


Fanny’s blend of gymnastics, strength training, movement and stretching, has been the perfect alignment for me.
After undergoing five operations for shoulder and hip injuries, during a two year period, I really needed a specialised training programme and someone to
navigate me through and past those setbacks.
Fanny has been able to not only give me that, but her knowledge is first class and her appetite to learn more really shines through, and that is super impressive.
For me though everything in life is about ‘experience’, and what I love most about Fanny, is the extra lengths she goes to…talking to my physios, recommendations, sending me information that may interest me, her attention to detail and getting to know me and what drives me.
I am so grateful for having Fanny as my coach, she has taken me from a real low point physically and mentally, to being in the healthiest and fittest shape of my life.
Tristan Wright