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I am located in Gothenburg, Sweden where I train people in-person at studio Eminent. Though most of my students are from all over the world and train with me online.


I have 2 options for Online Coaching:

1. Handstand coaching. I will integrate it into your current training routine. This service includes Weekly check ins and Modifications needed to the program.

2. Calisthenics coaching. This means I program all your training. It includes Weekly check ins and Modifications required on the program. I also include brief advice on nutrition, sleep, stress and breathing to make sure they support the training process.

I have 2 options for In-Person Coaching:

1. Weekly in-person sessions at Eminent: Train with me in-person and add a 6-week training program to have a plan for the rest of the week.  

2. Occasional sessions in combination with online coaching: You can combine your online coaching with in-person sessions when you want hands on guidance with finding positions to make sure the training is done correctly. 


If you’d like to know more about my work you can find my Blog, Podcast and Social medias; Youtube, FaceBook and Instagram under the tab ‘Library’.


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Company name in Sweden is: FL Health AB

Business number is: 559325-6760 


Connect with me via the form below