Handstand Workshop 7/11/20



We have decided to postpone this workshop until further notice after the prime minister announced the new restrictions in the Netherlands yesterday 3rd of November. We care about everyone’s safety. Yet we understand well that people need to do physical exercise and want some fun at this time. We will put the workshop on at a later day when it feels safe enough for us to do so. Thanks for your understanding. If you read this and would like to be informed of when the workshop will happen, please email: fanny@mobilitytraining.com.au


Are you interested in learning something new that is fun and exciting?

Do You want to learn how to do a Freestanding Handstand?


JOIN this Introductory Handstand workshop with me, Fanny, at Studio Reinvitaal on Saturday the 7th of November 10-12pm.

You will learn the safe and efficient principles for how to start and continue your Handstand training towards balancing it freestanding.


At this Introductory Handstand workshop You will learn:

*Warm up, including proper breathing for getting into the right position and maintaining your alignment.

*Mobility drills needed for getting into an efficient Handstand posture.

*Handstand skills that are at the foundation for further developing your Handstands efficiently. These skills will teach you how to move from a beginner to kicking up into a freestanding Handstand.

*The Theory and Physics behind How you can balance on your two hands.

*Material to look back at and continue to learn from after the workshop.


This Handstand workshop does not have any pre-requisites. It is created with a beginner in mind. This could be someone who has never done a Handstand before, or someone who has a bit of experience, but is yet to get their first 5-10 second freestanding Handstand.

Do you want to learn the foundations for how to train Handstands to balance it freestanding?

Then I hope to see you at this workshop!


Sign up here: 


PS. The price is charged in Australian dollars.


I look forward to seeing the world upside down with you on

Saturday the 7th of November 10am,

– Fanny


I Really enjoyed the weekly handstand club, I used to be really scared to be upside down and had a lot of fear of falling but after practicing with Fanny weekly I am now confident to go into a handstand on my own and feel confident to catch myself and bail out easily. It has built some strength in my lower shoulders and back and I am doing longer and longer handstands without the wall support. Small milestones weekly make me really excited to train and practice – Fanny is really understanding, kind and supportive coach throughout the whole Process and makes it an enjoyable class. I am now confident to practice alone but would 10/10 sign up again.

Natalie Fitzroy

Massage therapist

When I started, I wasn’t doing much in the way of physical activity, I often had a sore upper back and shoulders, and initially just wanted to get stronger. 
I am a lot stronger and doing a lot of cool stuff that I never even considered being able to do (like handstands!) My body is moving a lot more freely, and I rarely get any pain even though I am still sitting at a desk all day. I didn’t expect to learn as much about how my body works, but it has been immeasurably useful! I have a much greater focus on everyday things like how I walk, stand and even breathe. The most recent thing has been focusing on my breathing and noticing the effects it has not just on training but also at work and in everyday life.
Fanny is an excellent trainer, she always makes sure I’m pushing myself and doesn’t let me get away with anything! She cares a lot and it shows. She is always learning new things and in turn teaching me, and is always patient when I don’t get it straight away! Fanny is super kind, but that doesn’t stop her from being tough and pushing me to my limit!
Natalia Chant

Office job, Woolworths



When: Saturday 7th of November 2020 at 10-12pm

Location: Studio Reinvitaal, Tripstraat 299, 2571 DK, Den Haag.

What to wear: Please wear comfortable clothing for being upside down.

What to bring: Please bring a pen and paper for taking notes.


How do I continue my training after this workshop?

From Saturday the 14th of November you can join our 6-week Handstand term running at the same location between 10-11.15am. When you join the Workshop on the 7th you will be able to sign up at a discounted rate.

This small group Handstand training will have a focus on practicing the Handstand skills you need to for continuing to progress towards you first freestanding Handstand hold. Working in a group ahs a couple of major benefits compared to solo training: 1. It is so much fun and will keep you motivated to continue your practice. 2. You get direct feedback from myself and the others in the group which means the path to getting your first 5-10s handstand hold will be shorter compared to trying to figure it out on your own.


About Covid regulations: 

This workshop is done in a small group setting and will be conducted in a way that aligns with the government regulations around covid 19. You can train Handstands with a face mask if you would like.


About Fanny:

I, Fanny live in Den Haag with my Australian husband temporarily before we move to Sweden around mid next year. We lived in Sydney, Australia for over 6 years before this, where I was teaching Handstand 1-1, in small groups, classes and workshops. I started Handstand training myself when I was 26 years old, back in 2015 and have trained it more seriously for about 2-3 years now. My current Handstand goal is to get the Press to Handstand. Something that differentiates me from a lot of other Handstand coaches is the way I incorporate breathing into the practice. I use breathing for finding and maintaining the HS posture as well as for coordinating the HS drills among other things. You will start to learn some of these things in the Workshop on the 7th of Nov.

I hope to see you there 🙂


I would highly recommend MobilityTraining for any form of help with your handstand journey. Fanny has a gift for breaking down and explaining the techniques required to progress your handstands to a new level. With consistent practice you will be surprised with how fast you will see positive changes and you will have a whole lot of fun in the process. I have gained an enormous amount of confidence from practicing on a consistent basis. The tips around patience, timing and breathing have really helped!

Sue Cooper

JB member of the year 2018