Straddle Handstand

Ones the Handstand Line and Balance is of adequate calibre you can start making shapes in your handstands.

Tuck Handstand

The Tuck handstand position is excellent for building strength in the trapezius muscles, which is the most important area for gaining the skill of balancing well on your hands.

Straight Handstand

Learning a skill is an incredibly fun and challenging journey. If there’s a skill I’d recommend learning it wold be Handstands, perhaps I am a bit biased…

Handstand – Balance on two hands

Fanny teaches Handstands in person, in group settings and online. Physical locations are Hollis park in Newtown and at Jungle Brothers in Botany.

People become interested in doing handstands for different reasons: to show off a cool party trick/skill, because they’re over their typical strength training regime at the gym and to challenge themselves in a way that the’ve not done before.

Having some training experience will certainly help before starting Handstands, but Fanny is focusing the intial phase of learning handstands on building the fundamental principles. This includes assessing how the person moves, what their mobility is like and their strengths and weaknesses before learning the basics of the handstand line, building strength endurance upside down and how to actually go from those things to balance on two hands.

The process takes you from clearly knowing where you’re at and what you need to do to get to where you want to go.


Want to learn how to do a Handstand?

The best way to enquire and find out what my availability is like is to fill in the contact form to the Right of this text and I’ll get back to you at my next available time. 🙂

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Mobility Training is located at Jungle Brothers, Botany, Hollis Park & DUTI studios in Newtown

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