Train Handstands together

Training together with humans on a similar skill level can give a great boost for keeping yourself inspired and accountable to your practice.

Watch and learn from everyone in the group

When you are practising in a group it is greatly beneficial to watch how others attempt the exercise progression that you are also working on; seeing different ways and techniques of learning a skill can really spark an extra understanding.

Handstand and Play

Learning a skill is an incredibly fun and challenging journey. If there’s a skill I’d recommend learning it wold be Handstands, perhaps I’m a bit biased… 

The Handstand Club

On Tuesday 17th of September 6.45-7.45am I’m starting up a Handstand club at Jungle Brothers Strength and Movement! We’ll be a semi-private group of people gathering to practice and learn Handstands together on a weekly basis for 6 weeks.


It is created for them who have practiced some handstands before but are not yet able to hold a freestanding Handstand for 10 seconds.

For the students coming on there will be online testing done prior to the 6-week term start, which will determine what individual modifications will be made to their program so that they can get the most out of it.

The time requirement for signing up is to be able to do 2×60 minute sessions per week, max will be 3×60 minutes. The final requirement is to not have a current injury stopping you from doing this type of practice, especially on the wrists, shoulders or back. Get in touch if you’re unsure if you’re suitable to join.


What exactly is included when you join the 6-week HS club?

  • 1x60min semi-private session/week on Tuesdays 6.45-7.45am at JB
  • Testing before and after the 6 weeks (this is done online, meaning I send you the testing that you film and then send back to me)
  • Modifications made to your program to make sure your individual needs are met
  • The training will teach you what you need to learn in the following areas:
    • HS mobility and conditioning (positions like arms over head, wrists in extension, pike and front splits will be touched on for warm up).
    • HS exit and entry
    • HS alignment
    • HS balance
    • HS kick ups
  • Access to a private Facebook group for questions and posting updates on your progress to keep you engaged in the process.


I’m going to run this first 6-week term at a very reasonable because of two things:

  1. I’m in the process of build an online version and would like to see and hear how people respond to the layout and programming. I’ll be asking for feedback- get ready to be ruthless!
  2. I’ll be taking lots of photos and videos to use for social media and future online and in person teaching.


If you’re interested please send an email to fanny@mobilitytraining.com.au or fill out the form to the Right on this page. There’s limited spots available for this round so get in quick! 

Wednesday 11th of September is the last day for signing up and paying for the 6-week course.

Friday 13th of September is the day your testing needs to be submitted by. 

The price for this 6-week course is $150 + a 2.2% transaction fee and you’ll receive an invoice via email to pay with card details. There’s no refund on this service.


There is a Front and Side splits club starting the same week on Thursday 19th of September, also running for 6 weeks. 

If you’re keen to sign up to both you’ll get an extra $30 discount ending up with a total of: $270 + 2.2% transaction fee for both clubs included. 

Find more information about the Splits club here: https://mobilitytraining.com.au/the-splits-club/ 

Join the Handstand Club at JB in Botany on Tuesday 17th of September:

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