Fanny Tulloch | Mobility Training


I teach Calisthenics Strength and Mobility training online. My interest for this started in the gym where I trained as a complement to my wrestling practice at a young age. I grew up in a tiny village in Sweden where the forest was only minutes away. I spent a lot of time around trees, mushrooms and moss as I walked, ran and climbed.

Later in life, I studied Exercise physiology and went off on a journey discovering the world whilst taking courses and meeting trainers to gain more knowledge. In recent times I’ve centered my work around Calisthenics Strength and Mobility as the physical base for teaching students how to develop versatility and resilience.  

I find it interesting to observe people’s structural alignments and finding ways to change the way people move and feel. From the interest and ability to change these essential parameters for myself, Mobility Training came into existence.

All the phases in my physical teaching; Fundamental, Basic and Developmental are specific to the student. The person will build great versatility in the two initial phases. Only in the Developmental phase does the practice become specific to a certain skill that is desired.

The initial phase of my teaching is focused on bringing awareness to how we as humans can move and breath well. These are the fundamental skills which Calisthenics Strength and Mobility is built upon. In this initial phase I often use tools learnt from Anatomy in Motion and Stretch Therapy together with my own experience. The journey looks different for every single student.

Along side the fundamentals the student may start their Calisthenics and Free weight basics which will work as a pilar for the students more specific goals. This will again look different depending on if they want to learn how to balance on their two hands, gain adequate strength and mobility to run and play sport or other activity. The focus is on learning cool and useful skills!


I have 2 options for Online Coaching:

1. Handstand coaching. I will integrate it into your current training routine. This service includes Weekly check ins and Modifications needed to the program.

2. Calisthenics coaching. This means I program all your training. It includes Weekly check ins and Modifications required on the program. I also include brief advice on nutrition, sleep, stress and breathing to make sure they support the training process.


You can also train with me in-person at studio Eminent in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Connect with me via email: fanny@mobilitytraining.com.au for more information.


Here’s a short list of people my teaching has been influenced by:

Emmet Louis and Mikael Kristiansen at Handstandfactory, Ido Portal, Kit Laughlin and Olivia Allnutt at Stretch Therapy, Gary ward and Chris Sritharan at Anatomy in Motion, Dave Wardman at Physical Alchemy, Mushtaq Ali A Ansari and Noor Kyle Finnerty at the Nine sided Circle