Balancing on two hands shows an increadible level of mobility and upper body strength for the average person. Not to mention it is great fun and challenging! Plus, Online Handstand training can be done very well with today’s technology.

I use the word ‘Handstand’ because I suspect more people know what that is compared to saying ‘Handbalancing’. However, the method I use is a lot more like Handbalancing.

The brief difference is: Handstands, done by Gymnasts is trained in a way they can use it to accelerate into the next skill. Handbalancing, more often done by acrobats & circus artists is focused around balancing the body on top of two or one hand. I teach online handstand training to the average person, in different shapes and movements. I also teach Handstand push ups and Press to Handstand, which are more advanced skills. I Do Not teach Handstand walking nor do I use high volume on core exercises to create a stiff body as in Gymnastics because that is unnecessary for balancing on your two hands.

That being said, practice Handbalancing takes time and requires patience. It can feel frustrating at times because your attempts will be highly inconsistent in the beginning and for some time. For those who enjoy doing Handbalancing this will be the struggle that develops mental and emotional strategies along side the physical practice. It is the ‘perfect storm’ of physical practice combined with essential lessons improving our mental and emotional aspects as humans.

Handbalancing has several components that needs developing, such as; body awareness, control and coordination, upper and lower body mobility (more or less dependent on the specific handbalancing skill wanted) and upper body strength. In certain situations lower body strength will become more important. Because these things take time, the student doing Handbalancing will start working on conditioning themselves from their initial program.

I teach handstands online and in-person in Gothenburg at studio Eminent.

If you’re interested in learning how to balance on your two hands, reach out via email: 



I would highly recommend MobilityTraining for any form of help with your handstand journey. Fanny has a gift for breaking down and explaining the techniques required to progress your handstands to a new level. With consistent practice you will be surprised with how fast you will see positive changes and you will have a whole lot of fun in the process. I have gained an enormous amount of confidence from practicing on a consistent basis. The tips around patience, timing and breathing have really helped!

Sue Cooper

JB member of the year 2018

I Really enjoyed the weekly handstand club, I used to be really scared to be upside down and had a lot of fear of falling but after practicing with Fanny weekly I am now confident to go into a handstand on my own and feel confident to catch myself and bail out easily. It has built some strength in my lower shoulders and back and I am doing longer and longer handstands without the wall support. Small milestones weekly make me really excited to train and practice – Fanny is really understanding, kind and supportive coach throughout the whole Process and makes it an enjoyable class. I am now confident to practice alone but would 10/10 sign up again.

Natalie Fitzroy

Massage therapist

When I started, I wasn’t doing much in the way of physical activity, I often had a sore upper back and shoulders, and initially just wanted to get stronger. 
I am a lot stronger and doing a lot of cool stuff that I never even considered being able to do (like handstands!) My body is moving a lot more freely, and I rarely get any pain even though I am still sitting at a desk all day. I didn’t expect to learn as much about how my body works, but it has been immeasurably useful! I have a much greater focus on everyday things like how I walk, stand and even breathe. The most recent thing has been focusing on my breathing and noticing the effects it has not just on training but also at work and in everyday life.
Fanny is an excellent trainer, she always makes sure I’m pushing myself and doesn’t let me get away with anything! She cares a lot and it shows. She is always learning new things and in turn teaching me, and is always patient when I don’t get it straight away! Fanny is super kind, but that doesn’t stop her from being tough and pushing me to my limit!
Natalia Chant

Office job, Woolworths