Our Community

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Our Community

Students and Teachers at Mobility Training are all on their individual path to discovering more about what their physical body can do. It is a rewarding journey when one understands what can be achieved with persistent tinkering and new understandings.

Mobility Training is bringing people together from many different walks of life that all want to understand the process of which they can make their body stronger and more mobile, and can enjoy the added physical freedom and possibilities that comes with it.

We’ve created an environment where students are welcome to share their experience and knowledge if the student chose to participate in such a manner. We know learning and growth of the student and teacher comes from being on a mutual journey and sharing ones’ experience with each other.

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Thanks to:

Zeinab Alizadeh Fard for her innovative sketch of the physical body and lines of my logo. Find her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/z_blankspace/

Faezeh Bassam for her skills and  patience put in to creating the final logo in photoshop. Contact her via email: faas.dzyn@gmail.com



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