Thoracic extension

Thoracic extension is an area beneficial to open up for performing well in Powerlifting Squat & Bench press, Weightlifting Snatch & Clean and Jerk and for general well-being and good breathing patterns to take place. 

The Human Crossbow

Things like the ‘Human crossbow’ can be worked on at the weekly Partner stretching class. It is a great stretch for working on the structures of the front side of the upper body; chest, shoulders and more.

Hamstring stretching

Some people need to urgently stretch their hamstrings, others not so much. The Saturday Stretch class allows the individual to work on their most pressing areas. 

Hips flexors

Every single person that has come in for stretching has been in need for a hip flexor stretch, though it does not need to be in form of a front split version…

About Mobility Training

Fanny teaches Partner Stretching that is based on methods learnt from Stretch Therapy and currently Physical Alchemy. It is taught at DUTI studios on 82-84 Enmore rd in Newtown, Hollis park and at Jungle Brothers in Botany.

Partner Stretching is simply put; Stretching with one or multiple partners to improve flexibility and learning to feel ones’ body better, and is different to Yoga. Partner Stretching is specific stretching and the way it is taught at Mobility Training, it has its focus on improving the ability to feel ones’ body and to increasing flexibility; range of motion in a joint, and ridding tightness and tension. This approach can give relief of pain, aches and discomforts in some people along with improved body awareness.

The Stretching is performed with different breathing and contract-relax techniques depending on the position. In short; breathing is often in to the deep belly or area that is experienced as tense. As the stretch goes on a set of contractions of the stretched muscle is performed to experiment and potentially relief it from tension. These two techniques support the body in exploring new ranges of motion and to perceive it differently from before. The partner(s) assisting is an interesting addition to the normal, what some people would call, “solo stretching” as they together with various props (bolsters, cushions…) reduce the apprehension the body feels moving into a deep stretch. This leads us to one of the aims; being able to relax in the new-found range of motion.

Below is a video Introducing Stretching and its principles: 

Fanny teaches Stretching in the following formats:


1-1 Personal Stretching, 55 minutes* – Include solo and partner stretching. Focus is on feeling and exploring what gives you the best return, then we keep chipping away! One session might not look exactly like the previous as we adapt to the feelings on the day. Discussions about other things that can improve the stretch-journey will be blended into these sessions.

*The 1-1 sessions have a 24-hour cancellation policy whilst with the different classes you sign up weekly or for a number of weeks.

Partner Stretching classes, 75-120 minutes – The best way to keep in the loop and secure a spot on these classes is to sign up for the NEWSLETTER below! The stretch classes are focused on Partner stretching including different breathing and contract-relax techniques to improve flexibility and rid tension, but perhaps foremost; the ability to relax! The classes are not anything like a normal ‘group fitness or yoga class’ as it looks more like a workshop where you learn the stretches, (wait for the cliche)- For life. You will be introduced to a number of fundamental stretch positions to target different areas of your body. When they are known, we can start exploring that position in very many ways.  The class focus on long-term learning to feel and explore the physical body to find restrictions and remove them to improve the capacity to utilise the body the way it can.

Online Stretch program, 12 weeks minimum – This is a less desirable option as unfortunately many details get lost in the inter-webs. Though it can be done for the person in need but too far away. I’d recommend to team up with a partner in this process and you can both learn to do Partner stretching as that is the best way. If that is not possible, certain solo stretches can be done in such a way that flexibility will improve!

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