FIKA with Fanny - Podcast

My podcast FIKA with Fanny is where I will share my work including personal pieces. I teach physical training with a focus on Calithenics Strength and Mobility. This podcast will be centered around physical, mental and emotional concepts I use for myself and students to grow beyond being a student of physical practice. 

The word ‘FIKA’ is Swedish for ‘taking a break’. It means to sit down for a cup of coffee and something sweet, on your own or often together with dear friends. It is the essential cosy time you spend present with loved ones talking about the important things in life or the much needed break in between work. 

Brew a cup of coffee, take the cinnamon scrolls out of the oven and sit down for Fika with me. 

If you’d like to share your thoughts and experiences with the matters I speak of in this podcast then please connect with me via email: fanny@mobilitytraining.com.au

Thanks for listening and please consider sharing my podcast FIKA with Fanny with your friends and family 🙂

Episode 4 - Calisthenics Strength Training Principles

by Fanny Tulloch

Episode 3 - Body Awareness

by Fanny Tulloch

Episode 2 - Breathing, how to set up a daily practice

by Fanny Tulloch

Episode 1 - Introduction

by Fanny Tulloch