Calisthenics on Rings

Rings are a great tools for building upper body strength to be able to do a various hangs, chin ups, dips, levers and more. Depending on your current abiliies, this tool is normally used after building a foundation on the bar. 

Barbell Strength

Basic movement patterns for the whole body can be strengthened well with a barbell. 

Bars for Upper body Strength

Having access to a bar provides many opportunities for improving things like the grip, pulling strength and  playfulness!

Strength & Mobility

Fanny teaches Strength and Mobility at Sydney Park behind Alan Davidson Oval and at Jungle Brothers in Botany.

The way Fanny teaches Strength & Mobility is based on getting people to move better. When good movement patterns are established, more advanced skills can be learnt- if the person feel inclined to do so. Ancient and moderns methods are used with a focus on, but not exclusive to, calisthenics work. Calisthenics training entails work on skills using your own body-weight as load instead of external equipment like machines and barbells. This seem to create better ways of moving in people than putting them in a machine that only takes the body through a mechanical linear type of movement.

Fanny combines calisthenics strength and mobility with some free-weights using barbells, dumbbells, bands and more as there will be a time and place where body-weight exercise stifles the progression that can be made, especially for leg strength development.

Fanny has found this approach to be especially advantages for people who are not moving as their body has the potential to do, as this approach allows them to find what capacities they have and gradually progress them towards better quality movement. Some of these skills are more advanced if one is interested in working on higher level skills like handbalancing, muscle ups, skin the cat, pistol squats and others.

A big part of improving on ones physical training capacities is to take the body through range of motion the body has available but sometimes is asleep and can be difficult to wake up. This involves working on skills like; body awareness, breathing and other techniques that teaches the body how to use the muscles and areas. These things are the foundation that strength, flexibility and stability will be built upon. In fact with improved body awareness, coordination, timing and rhythm of movement you’ll find yourself feeling stronger without necessarily having had done much ‘strength’ work as we know it.

For life-long physical changes to take place consistency over time is crucial, hence why the teaching involves a substantial amount of education so the student can learn and apply also by themselves. 

Fanny’s teaching is and has been influenced by many different people, some of them are: Dave Wardman, Emmet Louis, Mikael Kristiansen, Kit Laughlin, Ido Portal, Yuri Marmerstein and more…


Strength & Mobility is taught in the following set up:


1-1 Personal Training, at JB or Sydney Park – Personal Training can be done with 1-3 sessions per week and it includes a program to follow outside of the training session(s) with Fanny. Apart from individual needs and wants, the program can be tailored to be done at home with little equipment or at an in- or outdoor gym. The first 1-2 sessions of each phase will be used to go through the new program, after that the weekly sessions will be used to go through one day of the program per session. Despite the program being set, it is of most importance for Fanny to get feedback to make modifications to the program throughout the phase for the students to get best out of it. A phase is typically 6 weeks long.

Classes, in Hollis park or at DUTI studios in Newtown – There’s currently no classes on schedule. 

If you’re interested in Handstands please keep an eye out for the next Handstand club intake here: https://mobilitytraining.com.au/the6-weekhandstandclub/

If you’re interested in Partner Stretching and Strength and Mobility classes please get in contact via the form to the Right and I’ll give you an update. 

Online Strength & Mobility program, 14 weeks minimum – Programs can be done and sent online for the person in need and want, who is too far away to do in-person training. A combination of online and in person is an option too. The process involves testing before commencing and normally takes 1 week to get done to establish baseline. Online training includes ongoing communication via email and/or skype and unlimited modifications to programs whenever needed. Discussions around nutrition, stress, sleep and more can be a part of this if the student so wishes.


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