Calisthenics on Rings

Rings are a great tools for building upper body strength to be able to do a various hangs, chin ups, dips, levers and more. Depending on your current abiliies, this tool is normally used after building a foundation on the bar. 

Barbell Strength

Basic movement patterns for the whole body can be strengthened well with a barbell. 

Bars for Upper body Strength

Having access to a bar provides many opportunities for improving things like the grip, pulling strength and  playfulness!

Strength & Mobility

Fanny teaches Calisthenics Strength and Mobility at Sydney Park behind Alan Davidson Oval and at Jungle Brothers in Botany.

Calisthenics Strength starts with exercises on a level you are currently at to progressively build stability and strength around all joints of the body. The journey can make you strong to do body-weight skills like; a full body push up, chin up or dip, muscle up, front and back lever, German hang and skin the cat, different planches, handbalancing/handstands, back bridge, various balance and jumping skills, numerous squat and hip hinge movements such as the pistol squat and more. With time and consistency there’s a path that can lead you there, if you want.

Calisthenics Mobility is focusing on building strength through range of motion which is done by moving into many different postures and positions with or without external input to take into consideration. Some of the methods used comes from something called Locomotion and Movement and the intention is to explore what your body is capable of and stretch that limit. Some exercises done are solo moving the body standing, seated or in various positions on the floor and others are with a partner to also improve the body’s ability to move and react to an external stimulus. The Calisthenics Mobility is fun, challenging and can be unpredictable! 

Fanny’s teaching is influenced by many different people in the Calisthenics, Gymnastics, Acrobatics and Movement world, some of them are: Emmet Louis, Yuri Marmertstein, Mikael Kristiansen, Miguel Santana, Ido Portal, Andreo Spina and more…


Calisthenics Strength & Mobility is taught in the following set up:


1-1 Personal Training, 55 minutes* – Personal Training can be done with 1-3 sessions per week and it includes a program to follow outside of the training session(s) with Fanny. Apart from individual needs and wants, the program can be tailored to be done at home with little equipment or at an in- or outdoor gym. The first 1-2 sessions of each phase will be used to go through the new program, after that the weekly sessions will be used to go through one day of the program per session. Despite the program being set it is of most importance for Fanny to get feedback to make modifications to the program throughout the phase for the students to get best out of it. A phase is typically 6 weeks long.

*The 1-1 sessions have a 24-hour cancellation policy whilst with the different classes you sign up weekly or for a number of weeks.

Mobility Classes 45 or 90min, in Sydney park – There’s currently 3 different classes on offer in Sydney park (see time table below). You can attend a 45min or 90min block. The classes will make you move through a wide range of positions with the intention of exploring and promoting general Mobility by working solo or with a partner. The classes are for beginners as well as experienced students. The classes are excellent to join if you have never done anything similar before but am interested in improving Strength and Mobility. They are great fun! For more information get in contact via the form to the right —>


Handstands & Bridge classes 45min, in Sydney park – This class is for them who are interested in learning the art of balancing on their hands. I have added some bridge work to this class as it is a more advanced skill to learn and goes well for improving alignment of the handstand. It also improves the structures of ones body that is so often spending time in forward bending. Fill in the contact form to the right to get in touch —> 

Online Calisthenics Strength & Mobility program, 12 weeks minimum – Programs can be done and sent online for the person in need and want, who is too far away to do in-person training. The process involves testing before commencing and can take 1-2 weeks to get done to establish baseline, this is free of charge. The first debit will come out at the time the student receives the first program. Online training includes ongoing communication via email and/or skype and unlimited modifications to programs whenever needed. Discussions around nutrition, stress, sleep and more can be a part of this if the student so wishes.

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Mobility Training is located at Jungle Brothers, Botany, Sydney Park & DUTI studios in Newtown

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