The Handstand Club Online


Are you a curious about what it feels like to have the skills to do a Handstand?

AND want to know what all the fun is about?


The reason why most people stop practicing their Handstand is because it takes too much time and energy to understand how to do it right. Doing it on your own ends up being tedious instead of fun and empowering.


The Handstand club is designed to teach You, a group of curious people, a clear and effective way to practice Handstands. I could try explaining the feeling of empowerment that comes with achieving your first solid Handstand that for a long time seemed impossible. But I don’t find any words that suffice, so I will teach you how to get there yourself.

The Handstand journey becomes a lot more meaningful when you share it with others who also connect with the practice. People who want to gain a deeper understanding of how to work with their body so they can balance on their two hands as they do on their feet.


If you want to learn how to balance on your two hands while enjoying the journey – the Handstand club is for you!


We start on Sunday the 27th of September.

– Fanny


I Really enjoyed the weekly handstand club, I used to be really scared to be upside down and had a lot of fear of falling but after practicing with Fanny weekly I am now confident to go into a handstand on my own and feel confident to catch myself and bail out easily. It has built some strength in my lower shoulders and back and I am doing longer and longer handstands without the wall support. Small milestones weekly make me really excited to train and practice – Fanny is really understanding, kind and supportive coach throughout the whole Process and makes it an enjoyable class. I am now confident to practice alone but would 10/10 sign up again.

Natalie Fitzroy

Massage therapist

Where do I start?


LEVEL 1 – If you are new to Handstand training or are working towards a Chest to wall Handstand, LEVEL 1 is for you.



LEVEL 2 – When you can hold a Chest to Wall Handstand for 3x 60 seconds you’re welcome to join LEVEL 2.



LEVEL 3  – coming early 2021…




Spend as much time as you need on each level. Once you master the highest skill progression on your level – Jump to the next!

Our aim is to become skillful at Handstands while having a bunch of fun doing so! 


Here is how it works:

– Sign up and do the assessment to know where you are at.

– The 12-week training block has 2x 6-week phases that includes:

*Handstand specific Warm up including Breathing

*Handstand specific Mobility

*Handstand Strength and Skill work

– Training starts on Monday the 28th of September.

– I recommend that you do 2-3 Handstand sessions per week for best results, they are approx. 35-45 minutes.

– Join the zoom call every 3 weeks for in depth talks about the exercises and the theory on how to balance on your two hands as well as catching up with everyone.

*4 x 40-min Zoom group calls are included in the 12-week block. Our first call is on Sunday the 27th of September.

– Ask questions and post videos in the Facebook group to receive weekly feedback on your technique, every Friday.

– Continue training on your level after the initial 12 weeks, and if you’re ready – Jump to the next level!


I could tell you how cool the feeling is when you find balance on your two hands like the way you easily balance on your feet.

I could try explaining the feeling of empowerment that comes from achieving something that for a long time seemed impossible.

I could communicate to you what the Handstand journey has taught me beyond the physical.

No words suffice.

But I can teach you how to do a Handstand so you can feel it for yourself!


I would highly recommend MobilityTraining for any form of help with your handstand journey. Fanny has a gift for breaking down and explaining the techniques required to progress your handstands to a new level. With consistent practice you will be surprised with how fast you will see positive changes and you will have a whole lot of fun in the process. I have gained an enormous amount of confidence from practicing on a consistent basis. The tips around patience, timing and breathing have really helped!

Sue Cooper

JB member of the year 2018

When I started, I wasn’t doing much in the way of physical activity, I often had a sore upper back and shoulders, and initially just wanted to get stronger. 
I am a lot stronger and doing a lot of cool stuff that I never even considered being able to do (like handstands!) My body is moving a lot more freely, and I rarely get any pain even though I am still sitting at a desk all day. I didn’t expect to learn as much about how my body works, but it has been immeasurably useful! I have a much greater focus on everyday things like how I walk, stand and even breathe. The most recent thing has been focusing on my breathing and noticing the effects it has not just on training but also at work and in everyday life.
Fanny is an excellent trainer, she always makes sure I’m pushing myself and doesn’t let me get away with anything! She cares a lot and it shows. She is always learning new things and in turn teaching me, and is always patient when I don’t get it straight away! Fanny is super kind, but that doesn’t stop her from being tough and pushing me to my limit!
Natalia Chant

Office job, Woolworths

Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in the Handstand club?

  • Testing to do before and after the 12-week Handstand training
  • 2×6 week programs with clear progressions to master
  • Relevant Handstand theory
  • Access to the private Facebook group where you can post questions, videos for form checks, encouraging others on their journey etc.
  • Weekly Q&A in the FB group
  • Zoom group meetings every 3 weeks. 4x 40-min calls total over the 12 weeks.
  • Option to sign up for continued guidance after the initial 12 weeks at a lower price or jump to the next level.


Are there any pre-requisites for joining the Handstand club?

Realistically you want to have time to do 2-3 x 35-45 minutes of Handstand practice per week.

LEVEL 1 – No requirements apart from not having injuries that can get aggravated by you doing Handstand training.

LEVEL 2 – Be able to do 3x60s Chest to wall Handstand*

*When signing up for LEVEL 2 please send me (fanny@mobilitytraining.com.au) a video of you holding a 60s chest to wall HS.


What will I learn in the different HS club levels?

Level 1: will teach you how to go from being a curious human with no Handstand experience to a confident Chest to wall Handstander. TRAINING starts on 28th of September

Level 2: will teach you how to take your Handstand practice from relying on the wall to doing freestanding kick ups and holds. TRAINING starts on 28th of September

Level 3: will teach you how to get solid Handstand holds and experiment with changing handstand shapes; straight, tuck and straddle. ETA JANUARY 2021.


How do you progress in the Handstand club?

In the HS club we have clear targets for reps and/or time on the different skills that we want to master before moving on to the next skill progression withing a level.

These targets reflect the level of strength, mobility and skill coordination needed for moving on to the next level safely and efficiently.

When you have mastered the highest skill progressions in a level (1-3) you jump to the next level up for your following training block. It is kind of like a playstation game where you have different ‘bosses’ that you will need to defeat before you can access the next level.


How long will it take me to master the highest skill progression of a level (1-3)?

The initial block of training on any level (1-3) is 12 weeks long. It is difficult to say how long it will take you to master the highest skill progressions and have the ability to safely move on to the next level up because there are many things that comes into play.

On average I think it will be common that people need between 1-3 x 12-week blocks to reach mastery in the highest skill progression on any one level (1-3).

There is no limit to how many times you can sign up for another 12-week Handstand block at a particular level (1-3), but allow me to nudge you forward if I think you are ready for it.


How is the Handstand club different to the other Handstand programs/group training online?

The Handstand club has a lot of similarities to other people teaching Handstands from a Handbalancing perspective.

In short, practicing Handbalancing is focusing more on learning how to place your center of mass over base of support and engaging your shoulders and upper back compared to total body stiffness and core engagement which is the more common areas of focus in Gymnastic Handstands.

The biggest difference between the Handstand club and other online Handstand programs is the emphasis on breathing for learning and adopting efficient Handstand positions as well as how to coordinate and time the movements well.

At a deeper level breathing will assist in bringing us into the present and to keep the right intention moving into the Handstands.

The exercises and structure of the Handstand training is very much based on my own experiences and struggles learning Handstands at an age of 26 with no prior knowledge. I am your average woman with a keen interest in learning new skills and exploring the limits of my body and mind. That is the place from where the Handstand programs have been born.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!